Photosynthetic focuses on the interplay between photography and botany from the 1840s until today. With written contributions from international researchers, photo historians and curators the publication delivers insight into the close connection between amateur botanists and photo pioneers of the Victorian age, the interchange between plant photography, crafts and modern art at the beginning of the 20th century, plant intelligence, ethno-botanical studies of the Amazonas and botanical micro-photography. It also features seminal historical imagery by Anna Atkins and Karl Blossfeldt, as well as portfolios by contemporary artists including Andreas Greiner, Macoto Murayama, Diana Scherer, Helene Schmitz, Heidi Specker and Henrik Spohler.


Andreas Greiner Photosculptures (2015) and / og 8 Heads High (2016) (portfolio)

Carol Armstrong Photosynthesis, Photography and Drawing: Anna Atkins’ British Algae / Fotosyntese, fotografi og tegnekunst: Anna Atkins British Algae

Macoto Murayama Botanical Diagrams (2009–2014) (portfolio)

Esther Ruelfs and Annika Sellmann Wilhelm Weimar’s Plant Photographs: Botanical Documents, Decorative Objects, or Autonomous Artworks?

Helene Schmitz The Linnaeus Project (2007) (portfolio)

Gert Mattenklott Karl Blossfeldt: The Alphabet of Plants

Heidi Specker SAAT SEED (2017) (portfolio)

Derek Jarman and Howard Sooley Derek Jarman’s Garden (portfolio)

Wade Davis The Multiple Lenses of Richard Evans Schultes

Rachel Sussmann The Oldest Living Things in the World (2004–2014) (portfolio)

Delphine Bedel Stubborn Cactus (2015) (portfolio)

Sandra Santos Zoom: Technology, Science and Art in Botanical Photomicrography

Marianne Engberg Flora (1994) and Artichoke (2002) (portfolio)

Diana Scherer Exercises in Root System Domestication: Harvest and Interwoven (2015–ongoing) (portfolio)

Stefano Mancuso Green Intelligence (portfolio)

Henrik Spohler The Third Day (2013) (portfolio)